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It has been a pretty crazy, hectic, amazing past nine months but life is pretty darn wonderful.

I was a single mom for the last seven years, raising my almost eight-year-old daughter, Isabella.

Oxford University in the early 1980s was probably as fiercely competitive an environment as can be imagined.

Many an undergraduate that year came a social cropper by airily mentioning something Pooky had said to them, or implying a closer intimacy than was really the case.

TAKE BACK THE NIGHT Everyone is welcome to join us to commemorate the missing and murdered women from our community, and participate in a peaceful candlelit walk through downtown to raise awareness that assault and murder can happen to anyone, at anytime.

From Soda Creek to Alexandria, the original wagon road winds along close to the Fraser River.

There was an unforgettable production in 1988 of Cyrano de Bergerac directed by Sam Mendes with Tom Hollander, Jonathan Cake – then a famous beauty – Nick Clegg and the novelist Will Eaves.

My friend Thomas Ades, the composer, was pointed out in the street as Mahler was in Vienna.

We took this picture just a few days after we moved in together at the end of last year.

We live on a large ranch and Robyn home schools our kids, while I work from home as a transcriptionist.