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Urara Shiraishi (白石 うらら Shiraishi Urara) is a former witch and one of the major characters in "Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo".She lost her supernatural abilities following the ceremony conducted by Yamada, in which he erased the powers of the original seven witches.In the warmer months, she wears a light tan sweater vest over her shirt, while a black jacket is provided in the winter.She is usually seen wearing a serious expression, giving off the impression that she is indifferent to the people and events around her.i can't help but comment in namiya section too because of my excitement. He's multi-talented and dedicated so I have faith in him. i've watched almost all of his movies/tv series and i applaud his great acting. I highly admire Ryosuke Yamada in his acting skills!!! namiya this september and fma LA this december...thank you for your hard work, yama. Been a fan of his since Tantei Gakuen Q era, kinda stop (not really stop, just preoccupied with other things, my last perf I saw was Perfume) then renewed my love because of Assassination Classroom. Seeing his character portrayals, it's obvious he can undergo various character types; the high school student, an assassin, an upcoming businessman, etc just to name a few.

Shiraishi is a very pretty girl of average height with blonde hair, brown eyes, large breasts, and a slender figure.

Urara Shiraishi (Mariya Nishiuchi) is a model student with excellent grades. They kiss again and they get their own bodies back. They also learn that there are 7 witches with special abilities.

They guess that they may have changed bodies because of the kiss.

According to the director's press conference in March 2017: That’s right.

Well, since the main characters are the two brothers, where there is Ed, there will always be Al.