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She and Charlie Sheen play former residents of a home ruled by paranormal activity in . we don't know why, but that just sounds SO familiar! But though their funny bits grab our attention like the ghost that's grabbing his ballz, Ashley Tisdale is the real star of this satire.

Even amidst all her turmoil, it warms out hearts knowing her sense of humor is just as bright as those jewels she wore playing Elizabeth Taylor!

There, inked in black letters on a pastel swirl of varnish, was Lohan's own verdict: "Fuck u".

If you're in a relationship, you will disagree (or even fight) at some point.

onely heart Mariah Carey joined last week, much to intrigue of the celebrity-watching world/internet.

Sadly, rather than a divorcee going against all odds to give love one more try, it was actually just an elaborate marketing ploy to get people watching the video for her new tune, “Infinity”.

Even if you're not old enough to have listened to the song on your cassette player, you've probably at least seen everyone posting “It's Gonna Be May” memes on Facebook every April 30.

Do you remember the group's video for the song, featuring the guys as dolls come to life on a toy store shelf?

Just like *NSYNC's video, this one features the members of the band done up to look like plastic-haired dolls and shrunk down to the size of toys who dance on shelves while toy store employee Demi Lovato looks on.This week, the Hollywood actress celebrated her 24th birthday in a Beverly Hills court where she was sentenced to 90 days in prison for violating her probation.She had missed too many of the alcohol education classes she'd been ordered to attend following two driving under the influence (DUI) offences.As the post-courtroom analysis began in the world's media – was this just another compelling performance from Lohan?Or was the sentence unduly harsh, making an example of a high-profile defendant? A canny picture editor had zoomed in on Lohan's middle finger, which she had pressed anxiously to her lips and swivelled towards the judge throughout the hearing.