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Dan includes all his favourite things in this special Caesar — from his own maple bacon recipe to an egg slider, tator tots, truffle salt and topped with a Timbit!Of course there’s also vodka (preferably Canadian vodka), hot sauce, green olive brine, white horseradish, Mott’s Clamato Extra Spicy and Pickled Bean.‘Well, we be going.’ ”O’Hara’s character, Moira, is a former soap-opera actress with a vast collection of wigs. “You’re grounded at times, but you have your moments.”Levy and O’Hara went on a few dates in the seventies. We came backstage afterward, and he said, ‘Have you ever heard of fuckin’ ?In one scene, she ransacks the couple’s motel room looking for a pair of earrings, screaming every time she doesn’t find them.“I think there has to be an anchor,” Levy said.“I think . “Everyone at Second City tried dating each other,” O’Hara said. ’ But he was sweet about it.”Levy said, “The first thing I did, they said, ‘Well, we’re doing a murder scene, and you be the corpse.’ ” Later, he said, he did some scenes with Andrea Martin.“Did you ever date her? “We had done ‘Cannibal Girls’ together, an improvised movie about women that eat men.

It’s one of my favorite little stories we’ve had so far.”Here are a few more teases of what to expect in Season 3, which Dan says resets things: “We’re getting a little deeper in terms of characters’ backstories so that we can then move them even further.”DAVID: Early in the season, after Johnny gets a car for the family, we’ll learn David doesn’t technically have a license. And what a Caesar, created exclusively by famed Canadian actor and comedian Dan Levy, of Schitt’s Creek fame.As you can imagine, Dan is a proud Canadian and, to celebrate Canada’s upcoming 150th — and National Caesar Day next month — Dan is showcasing his Canadian pride by creating the Dan Levy’s Caesar (the Caesar does have a solid Canadian heritage dating back to 1960s created in a Calgary restaurant).Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup is a Canada Grade A amber syrup — aged to perfection in a Kentucky bourbon barrel.This absolutely exquisite syrup is full of spirit and flavour, with notes of caramel, toffee, vanilla and charred oak.