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Sorry, I can not make it because I've never seen in the real beast is to talk or change the expression. Way to see the Omega99jp 's tutorial(Miscellaneous file).

I don't have a save data of this character(She is a NPC), and can not make also preset. There is also a possibility to make a follower mod, But there will be other now. What face mods are you using in preview's character? About the preview's character(I don't use the ECE)Meshe: I have edited the facegendata directly.

But it also includes some traps that are very nasty.

This adds a companion called "Precious" to the Goodsprings pub, those who freqent the New Vegas Imageshare will probably know who she is. To update overwrite old esp with v1.1, new users just use 1.1. Credits....cgy95 for his great Video tutorial Rexus3, Brigand231, Fast Black Cat and Angrod88 for testing.

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I used the shout but look like the Preview's image not play me. "Expression16 - Combat shout" it will not be played even if you shout in the game. I've never seen only in mfg command "Expression 16".

It's a simple Re Shade preset that aims to improve what the game offers without changing it's look or feel completly.

It offers a little bit stronger colors and depth based SMAA to catch every missing jagged line.

Lowered her guard radius to stop her wandering too far. A, The master flag is set to avoid a possible head/body texture mismatch that can happen with custom NPCs. A, Yes but she only has one set of eyes and hair, you'd have to add more if you want a different look. A, No, being a guy I can't do it and my better half being as supportive as ever didn't want to know.And DO NOT just dump any set of animations you find somewhere on the net and expect your system not being impacted.MO is a very intelligent and helpful mod manager, and makes many things so easy.The site has run in to a problem, please look at the error message below...Some files and images on this site are classed as "adult-only" for nude content, extreme violence or otherwise mature content.