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These are the things you need to look into before you take the plunge and further deepen your bond with your beautiful Libra girl, oh and Libras are very beautiful. She’s not interested in confrontation and, quite honestly, it upsets her balance. She likes things, but not too many things and not junkie things either.

What kinds of challenges might you face if you’re not on the compatibility list? Avoiding confrontation at all costs, if you are looking for an argument about something she would rather just tell you that you are right and then carry on with the day. She looks at life through rose coloured glasses and in her mind, everything is beautiful. If it doesn’t involve love or beauty, she’s not really interested.because she can sometimes have expensive taste and will want to go out for dinner, to fine dining places. She loves to be romanticized so make sure you know where all the good flower stores are in your area.

These few pointers just may save you some grief and possibly some frustration. Let’s go here, no wait, I want to go there instead. Homeless people, poor people, lonely elders, you name it, she wants to help them.

The Libra man is fun, gregarious, and he can be somewhat of a social butterfly.

He does not feel whole unless he’s in a relationship or at least dating someone. With Venus as his ruling planet, the Libra man has charms that anyone might find hard to resist.

Her first book is Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain and her second is Astrology for the Light Side of the Future.

The Libra woman is the very portrait of soft, elegant femininity.